Peninsula Ecosystems and Health Foundation

PEHF is a non-governmental organization that was formed in
2007 out of a realization that a new, adaptable approach to
health was needed in the Philippines.

Severe environmental degradation due to the rapid increase
of a largely impoverished population has given rise to numerous
human health threats, and sustainable solutions are lacking.

PEHF seeks answers in response to these issues, applying
'ecohealth' methodology from the International Association
for Ecology and Health.

Our mission is to strive for sustainable health of ecosystems
and the people and wildlife therein by promoting discovery,
understanding and transdisciplinarity.


AytaThroughout the past decades, the indigenous Ayta Magbukun tribe of Mariveles, Bataan has been living precariously between the adaptive comforts of the forest ecosystem and the changing landscapes brought about by the expanding lowland communities.

Through standard anthropological methods such as long-term participant observations and interviews, PEHF sheds light on the thoughts and practices of the Ayta Magbukun and the challenges they face in the midst of social, cultural and ecosystem changes.

Understanding these perspectives are vital in engaging both the Ayta Magbukun and concerned local development institutions to adopt multidisciplinary approaches, initiatives, and application to promote ecosystem and human health.


Dr. Alberto Romualdez Chairman
Dr. Leopoldo Lazatin President
Dr. Rosendo Capul Director 
Riva Parkinson Executive Director
Vince Balilla Anthropologist
Stewart Lill Media Producer